• LuxLogAI 2018

    Luxembourg Logic for AI Summit

    17-26 September 2018


Self-Organising Systems in Art, Business and Science (SOS/ABS)



Self-Organising Systems have been a subject of fascination in many disciplines, ranging from Biology over Cybernetics to Sociology. However, and despite their obvious commonalities, many of the insights, methods and their applications remain disparate or incompatible. The SOS/ABS workshop intends to bring together different perspectives on self-organising systems from fields as diverse as art, business and science in order to gain an emerging higher-order understanding of self-organisation for application, study and creativity.


One-day workshop, open to conference participants who have registered.

Registration is mandatory. Price: 50 euros. See registration page.


Wednesday, September 19


Alexandre Gurita, invisual artist Alexandre Gurita defines himself as an artist who practices an art of invisual nature. He dispenses with works of art in order to modify the idea of ​​the agreed art. [Website](https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Gurita)

Jean Botev, scientist Dr. Jean Botev is a senior researcher at the Computer Science and Communications Research Unit of the University of Luxembourg, specialising in the domains of complex networks, self-organisation, and collaborative socio-technical systems. He is involved in the organisation of various international scientific events and conferences related to self-systems, such as IEEE SASO, SASO^ST or SAOS. [Website](https://research.botev.net/)

Thibaud Latour, scientist and artist. Dr. Thibaud Latour is the Head of the Human Dynamics In Cognitive Environments Research Unit and of the Cognitive Environment Lab at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). As an artist, Thibaud explores the symbiotic relationships that can be created between humans and machines, including aspects of self-organisation such as the duality between simple repeated forms that never reproduce the same arrangements and the resulting infiniteness. [Website](http://www.latour-battani.eu/thibaud/)

Egberdien van der Torre, visual artist The artist Egberdien van der Torre introduced her artistic bottom-up method at the campus Walferdange – Luxembourg in 2010 with a lecture called: “Paint/Pixels/Bites.” Nowadays she is working on an extended archive containing her video works that can be used in the future by other artists.

Aad Nales, partner of Almende Rotterdam. At Almende, Aad helps companies to do away with hierarchy and focus on the interactions between staff, customers and suppliers that create real value. His activities focus on incubating new start-ups that are based on current research or previous inventions related to machine learning, energy technology and logistics – all based on the principles of self-organization. [Website](https://www.almende.com/aad-nales)


  • Egberdien van der Torre (egberdien@gmail.com)
  • Jean Botev (jean.botev@uni.lu)