• LuxLogAI 2018

    Luxembourg Logic for AI Summit

    17-26 September 2018


River cruise conference banquet

The conference banquet of LuxLogAI will take place on 18 Sep on a boat on the Moselle river during a cruise in the evening.

The boat will leave from Remich, the pearl of the Moselle, and take us in the direction of Schengen in the tri-border area of France – Germany – Luxembourg, where the so-called Schengen Agreement was signed on a passenger vessel on 14th June 1985.

The conference banquet is free for those who subscribed to the offer  “RuleML+RR and GCAI”.  Single tickets can be purchased by those who took another offer. All participants are allowed to purchase up to 2 extra tickets (3 in total).

Cruise details:

Date: Tuesday  18th September
Time: 19:00 – 22:30
Venue: Remich
Departing: By bus “Sales” from Ibis hotel at 18:00
Departure point: Bus stop “Rock’n’Roll” (See the map below)
Returning: By bus to Ibis hotel and Hamilius center in Luxembourg City.

Since we do not know who needs to go where, there will be two buses.

BUS 1:  Remich (22:30) – Hamilius center ,Luxembourg city (23:00) – Ibis Hotel, Belval (23:30)

BUS 2:  Remich (22:30) – Ibis Hotel, Belval (23:00) – Hamilius center ,Luxembourg city (23:30)

Cost:  100€ per person

Some pics:

Eating test with C. Benzmüller
Eating test with C. Benzmüller