• LuxLogAI 2018

    Luxembourg Logic for AI Summit

    17-26 September 2018


AI and Art

Artificial Intelligence and Art confluences and conjunctions may not rely only on a serendipity process, but on a deeply intentional Art, Science, Technology and Society creative research system. Meta, multi and/or interdisciplinary creative processes; robot or human artistic authorship; machine learning; computer art; AI art performances; aesthetics; art market; interactivity or audience experience are some of the issues that AI+A will cover during LuxLogAI 2018 in order to provide a wide perspective of AI impact in Art and vice versa.


Two round-tables, two artist-in-conversation, an art performance, a talk and an art exhibition with a downloable book-catalogue online are open to conference participants.


Monday, September 17 – Friday, September 21. Rooms MSA 3.170 and 3.180.


This is tentative information and subject to change!